If you're here, you're probably here for answers about what this project means.

I would hope at least that the term used in the title of this website starts as a fair indicator. Queerness is, of course, a concept that has been applied in literature, sociology, psychology and beyond. The application varies; the general use of this word according to the Oxford English Dictionary is as a synonym for that which is strange, odd, peculiar, eccentric. Another definition, adjacent, is of course a homosexual, especially for a homosexual man (OED also notes that this is a "frequently derogatory" application of the term.)

Queer is a word which has become a site of reclamation and resistance for the gender and sexuality diverse community. A slur against us has become a word of action regarding what we do with the borders we face- be they geographical, political, social or psychological. In the act of queering we bend, we blur, we obscure and we shift- the categorical becomes the indistinguishable, the trans of our bodies becomes the trans of our rights across state and country lines- that which is transitional and resists binarisation within us becomes indicative of the categories that will renounce us on the other side, the identifying factors of ourselves that become lost in translation. Queer is how that which resists categorization is transmuted, re-purposed, exploited, celebrated, weaponized and vilified. Queerness is- it represents so much that is border-less about our bodies and how we use them.

Of course, the title of this project is more than queer- it is /Queer. The title of this project as it is because queerness is an afterthought- queerness is pasted onto the end of words like gay and transgender; what is queer is placed out of necessity to catch all that falls through these terms and out the other side, as some kind of symbol of an almost-visibility in the Global North. 

However, /Queer doesn't just represent what it is applied to- it represents the applicability of it to everything that can be queered in this world. A slash- pressed tightly against a concept which has promised constraints and statutes- that indicates that there is no place in which it can exist without having to include that which is queer. To everything that came before- Queer is what comes afterward. 

Welcome to /Queer- I hope you enjoy my work.